Building Bone Density

Today’s Skill
Push Jerk

Today’s Workout
3 rounds, for time:
100m Run
5 Shoulder Press
5 Push Press
5 Push Jerk

Today’s Game
CrossFit DodgeballDid you know that human beings achieve their peak bone mass by the age of 30? And that fifty percent of your bone mass is built up before you reach adolescence? This means the more bone mass you can build before you hit 30, the less likely you are to develop osteoporosis. Think of it as “banking” bone mass. Building bone mass become especially important in your pre-adolescent years, when you have the most potential to build it. Numerous studies have shown the best ways to build bone mass are by doing exercise that load the bones, meaning either weight bearing exercises or exercises with impact, like jumping. This is why we incorporate jumping in many forms in our workouts. We want healthy kids with strong bones!

Sunny takes a big leap.

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