Get Out and Move!

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Today’s Skill

Today’s Workout
“Lil’ Jackie”
500m Row
30 Thrusters
20 Jumping Pull Ups

Today’s Game
Musical Medicine BallsChildren these days have a lot on their plates. There are so many more opportunities than the past, but with that can also come a very full schedule. Between lessons, studying, tutoring and other activities, it may seem like they just go place to place and never get a chance to literally “run free.” Physical expression is as much a type of self-expression as anything else kids do, and having time each day to move around and access that inner spirit, whether it be here at CFLA Kids, or doing a CrossFit workout at home, is important for a kid to be a kid, and to be themselves! Encourage them to take a few minutes each day to practice some burpees, run around the yard, or whatever their favorite exercise is. Their brains, bodies and spirits will be energized!

The CFLA Kids Champs sprint!



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