Keep It Simple

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Today’s Skill
Push Press

Today’s Workout
5 rounds, for time:
150m row
10 lateral jumps
10 push press

Today’s Game
CrossFit Tic-Tac-ToeIt doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun. And it doesn’t have to be complicated to get kids fit, strong, and active, either. In fact, keeping it simple can make it MORE fun and therefore more likely to be effective with children. Take the game of “Farmers and Lumberjacks” — all you need is two teams of kids and a whole bunch of orange cones. Put the cones out in a designated game playing area. Set half the cones so they are standing up and half the cones on their sides. Choose one team to be “Lumberjacks.” Their job is to knock all the cones over. Choose another team to be “Farmers.” Their job is to stand the cones up. The team who achieves their objective first wins!

Eli gives his all during a game of Farmers & Lumberjacks



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