Resolutions for the Family

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Today’s Skill
Box Jumps

Today’s Workout
As many rounds as possible, in 10 minutes:
8 bench dips
10 box jumps
12 jumping pull ups

Today’s Game
2-3 Attempts to get on the leaderboard.New Year’s resolutions are a bit of a mixed bag. While I applaud someone setting a goal and making a commitment, too often the resolutions set in January are not taken seriously and are quickly tossed by the wayside. People have an idea of what they want to accomplish, but they don’t provide themselves with the structure and accountability needed to be successful. That structure and that practice of being successful in achievement is one of the things that CFLA Kids teaches year round.

Take a moment and think about what you can set as goals for your family this year. What if you ran a 5k as a family? What if you committed to home cooked dinners with everyone present, more evenings than not? What if you decided to educate your family on organic food and healthy exercise? Those would be resolutions worth sticking to.

Calvin and Lydia, brother and sister, work out together.



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