Handling Holiday Stress…with Kids

Today’s Skill
Overhead Squat

Today’s Workout
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
36 Single Jumps with Jump Rope
12 Overhead Squats
12 Sit Ups
12 Push Ups

Today’s Game
CrossFit PowerballHolidays are a stressful time…and kids can pick up on that stress, too. So what can you do about it? Check out this article from Ehow.com and what they suggest you do. Good simple advice!

How to Help Children With Holiday Stress

Here’s an excerpt…

2. Help them do their holiday gift planning. Holiday shopping can be overwhelming for kids, so help them decide in advance who to buy for, what to buy and how much to spend. Or ‘ even better ‘ help them make appropriate gifts for family and friends.

Izzy learns to flip the tire!

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