Why CrossFit for Kids?

Today’s Skill
Wall Balls and Jumping Rope

Today’s Workout
AMRAP 10min
10 Wall balls
10 Sit ups
50 Rope Skips

Today’s Game
Musical Medicine ballsIf you are reading this you are either: A: Involved with CrossFit Kids or B: Curious about CrossFit Kids. If you have ever watched adults CrossFit it might look like throwing some heavy weights around and pushing yourself to near exhaustion. Let me tell you, it’s not the same for the kids. Yes, we push them, but there are no heavy weights and the kids are smiling the whole time.

We all know childhood obesity is on the rise, and kids nutrition is not quite where it should be. CrossFit Kids plays an active role with your kids and their health. Your child will learn an appreciation for movement, because we make exercise fun. Every class starts with a warm-up, then we learn a skill, complete a workout and then play a game. Your child is constantly interacting with others and learning new skills.

Each class your child is getting stronger and healthier by training balance, agility, speed, power and coordination. According to Coach Glassman (The founder of CrossFit), these are some of the trainable physical skills that CrossFit can develop. If your child plays a sport, all of these are necessary for them to be a better athlete. If you need to get your kid off the couch or computer, this is one awesome way to get them moving.

At CrossFit LA Kids each child gets attention and recognition. We not only train them physically, we teach them responsibility, accountability and talk nutrition. Every day is a little different and we encourage your child to share and bring friends. Your child will leave with more confidence knowing they can do anything inside and out of the gym.

So drop by and give us a try!

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