Battle of the Toys

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Jumping Rope

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Dress Rehearsal for PR Day!

Today’s Game
Red Light, Green LightParents know, even if you are careful about what you buy your children, it adds up. They come home with things, they are given things, and it all builds up into a big potential mess in your home. How do you keep it under control? Check out this blog from a professional organizer with tips on how to keep toys in check and the family happy.

Here’s an excerpt:

Underlying all of my tips is the proven principle that kids will eventually learn to put away their things if you provide an obvious place for the belongings and are consistent in teaching them how. Organization can go beyond giving the relief of having a neat playroom; it can encourage the kids to be more independent in finding their toys and picking up after themselves. They feel like big kids, and that is a huge help to parents. A little strategizing can go a long way toward a smoother, functioning household and leave more time for fun!

Calvin is focused!

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