Remember Your Success Journals!

Today’s Skill
Balance Beam

Today’s Workout
As many rounds as possible, in 10 minutes:
50m Run
8 Deadlifts (DB or KB)
10 Bench dips
12 Knee ups

Today’s Game
Drawing! Draw yourself in a chair sit.This is a reminder to all students (and parents!) to remember your Success Journals when you come to class. Just like your tennis shoes, your jump rope, or our dumb bells, your Journal is an essential part of your equipment and your learning process here at CFLA Kids. Logging in our journals helps us remember vocabulary, acknowledge progress, and celebrate new achievements! In addition, there are those rewards for attendance, too — don’t want to miss out on those! So, please remember your journal, and if by chance you have misplaced it, please speak with your coach about getting a replacement.

Jack and Sarah records their scores on the whiteboard.

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