What’s In That School Lunch?

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Today’s Skill
Chair Sits & Plank Holds

Today’s Workout
As many rounds as possible, in 12 minutes:
6 box jumps
6 pull ups
30 jumps, with jump rope

Today’s Game
Build & Move a FortDo you know what is in the lunch food served by your child’s school? Does your child eat the school food, or do they pack a lunch? Would you allow your child to eat the school food? Check out this article from Food Renegade. It is a call to action to all of us, especially parents, to do something to make change in the food presented to our children in the school systems.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Most schools don’t serve fresh foods, but rather meals made from highly processed components that arrive frozen from manufacturers around the country, who frequently make their products specifically to conform with school meal requirements.

Margo Wootan of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a key lobbyist on school food matters, recently told The Washington Post that judging the guidelines in terms of food quality, as opposed to health measures, is a “foodie” concern. But of course the quality of food does matter if you want kids to eat it, and if you’re trying to teach children the difference between real food and the junk they are exposed to every day.”

For the full article — What Is In That School Lunch Anyway?

Kids PR Day (173 of 286)
Calvin puts it all out there on the row!



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