An Environment for Success

Today’s Skill
Push Ups and Pull Ups

Today’s Workout
“CFLA Kids Baseline”
250m Row
25 Squats
20 Sit Ups
15 Push Ups (knees)
10 Pull Ups (jumping)

Today’s Game
Attempt to set 2-3 personal records in events listed on our new leaderboard!A recent study, funded by the Agricultural Research Service, concluded that enrolling a set of overweight children in an instructor-led program focused on fitness, exercise and good diet choices resulted in marked weight-loss and an increase in overall quality of life. This group of children was compared to another group who were self-taught and not in an intensive hands-on program. The study went on further to say that even two years later the children in the program had lower BMIs than the self-taught children. So what does this mean? I think it means children thrive in an environment where there is structure and they are give good quality information and a chance to put it into practice. To learn more about this study, read the full article.

Eli loves the army crawl!

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