Kinda sorta but not really

So I surf around A LOT on youtube and I ran across this video and I was intrigued at the content.. see I found it by searching for EXTREME FITNESS to see what comes up and to see what is out there that other people are doing that I could learn from and incorporate into my own fitness…

This video made me frustrated and proud at the same time. Frustrated because I see things like this all the time from “fitness professionals” and Big Box gyms trying to repackage the same exercises and group classes but really it’s the same old thing (think TURBO JAM classes or CORE TRAINING). What I have found it that is is some form of “cross training” or actually mixing isolation moves in with some cardio and keeping the heart rate up slightly more than normal. Then I’m proud for Crossfit really delivering on it’s promise to deliver world class fitness. Look at any of the training that is introduced (Olympic, power-lifting, Kettle-bells, etc) and there is no fluff only results that put the community into the ranks of some of the best trained individuals in the wold regardless of your personal achievements.

I believe this video is an example of the backlash from the marketplace. The people are turning away from Big Boxes and are searching form something new. The sad thing is that, while the workouts in this video’s fashion are at least somewhat intense, they will never get to true fitness thru isolation moves. Eventually a person from this atmosphere will stumble onto one of our videos and be hooked. We should welcome them with open arms ’cause weren’t we all there at some point? I know I was.

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