KK’s Training Methodology at CFLA

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A) DE (Dynamic Effort) Press, EMOM 8, 2 reps @ 50% of 1RM
B) 10 Min MU Practice
10 Min Rope Climb Practice
C) 2 RFQ (round for quality):
:45 GHD sit up
:15 Rest
:45 DB Thruster
:15 Rest
:45 Renegade Row
:15 Rest
:45 Strict CTB Chin up
:15 Rest


B) 10 min. Pistol Practice
10 min Jerk Practice – work to heavy double
C) For time (10 min cap):
10 PC&J (155/105)
15 Efficient Burpees
10 PC&J
15 Efficient Burpees
10 PC&J

by Kenny Kane

Physical results and horsepower are one thing. Who we are while earning them is another…

If you are still unfamiliar on how we train at CFLA, here are some details:

Part 1: What we do.

We no longer train just the physical – we train the mental as well. Each day has a designed mindset for your physical training. Here, we foster the Mind-Body connection by using an athletes protocol: Consistently practice, hone, and learn exceptional movement; develop breath and mind control; put the pieces together and compete periodically. (Oh, and have fun and learn a lot about yourself in the process of getting really fit.)

Part II: How we do it.

Each day we distinguish the intent and therefore the experience of the workout.
Practice Days (P): P Days (60% of training cycle) are just like “practice” for a sport. You show up to hone your movement skills with a spirit of playfulness, intentional virtuosity, and a willingness to learn alongside your teammates.
Mental Toughness Days (MT): MT Days (10% of training cycle) are designed to help the athlete develop breath and mind control. The objective is to actively engage the mind to positively control breath and thought patterns. Effectively, these workouts become a form of active meditation.
Competition Days (C): C days (30% of training cycle) also considered “Game Day.” Put the pieces together and be the best you can possibly be. 100% intensity, competing against self and others.

I love your commitment to our methodology, and here’s to another year of physical, mental and emotional PR’s here at CFLA.
Love y’all,
Coach Kenny

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