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Every class this week will offer you to test for your next CFLA fitness level. It’s REALLY important that you check these level tests out BEFORE you come in for your class.

If you haven’t tested before, we recommend you starting with the Level 1 Test and working your way through them.We’re in the middle of CFLA Level Testing, and I got to thinking as I was teaching class on Monday, what IS the point of testing anyway? After all… right up through the end of high school or college, the point of testing is to prove to someone else how much you know so that they can give you a piece of paper that says that you are now qualified, certified, educated, knowledgable enough to go out and do something. That’s NOT why we test here!

Nope – our purpose is entirely different. The CFLA Level Tests’ focus is on proficiency (aka Where You Are) – that means in both physical performance AND knowledge.
– Do you know what the movement is?
– Have you practiced the movement?
– Can you execute it flawlessly at the prescribed weight / rep?
– Can you do it in the prescribed amount of time?
– Are you proficient in setting up and selecting appropriate weight?
– Do you have the stamina to make it through all components?

Look at this as an opportunity to see what you’ve got down… and what you still need to work on. While passing is nice, getting the reward (a colored wrist band) while fun, isn’t really the point. Testing serves you and provides you with a very definitive YES or NO as to whether you’ve achieved a level of mastery. It’s black or white – very clear.

Get to know ALL the level tests. Print them out. Know what we’re up to at CFLA. Know where you’re headed. If used properly, they serve as an excellent road map toward the mastery of your physical body.

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