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Today’s Workout
21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:
Front Squat (135/95)
Pull ups
800m run (at the end of each round)One of the most important reasons that we do the Whole Life Challenge every year is to give you the opportunity to be REALLY particular about the stuff that you put in your mouth to feed your body. When is the last time that you looked at the list of ingredients in your bacon? Or in the soup you buy from Trader Joes? And when’s the last time you considered the things that are added to the food you eat that don’t even show up on the list of ingredients?

The following video (it’s old – from 2008) is a story about investigative reporters from Fox News that were fired for uncovering too much about Bovine Growth Hormone, manufactured by Monsanto, that is given to cows and shows up everywhere in the United States milk supply. BGH has also been linked to cancer. This is not a post to try to scare you, nor is it to bash Fox News – this sort of thing is happening all over the place in the media. So what’s the point? Educate yourself and then make smart choices. Maybe there is more to going off dairy than what simply meets the eye.



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