LA Marathon!

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The route of the Los Angeles Marathon has got to be one of the 10 most boring in the United States. It is long (well, I guess that it’s the same length as others, just feels long grin), goes through some of the worst and dilapidated parts of town, and really has nothing memorable about it. I’ve run it 3 times and have no interest in running it again. I just heard about (thanks, Lauren!) the LA Marathon working on changing the route – so that it would start at Dodger Statium, go through Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills West LA, and maybe Santa Monica – finishing at the beach. I think that would make for a much better course, certainly more memorable and fun!

The City of Santa Monica (go figure) still hasn’t signed off on it. The City Council is meeting TONIGHT… and you can cast your vote of support by adding your name to the petition here.

Elyse & Carolyn running as the sun sets.

Today’s Workout

Squat Clean – 3-3-3-3
Tabata squats (8 rounds of :20 on, :10 off)
Tabata push-ups



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