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Did you ever stop to think about the notion that CrossFit is training for your life? I subscribe to a weekly leadership newsletter called Kostenbaum’s Weekly Leadership Thought… and the one I got this week, I wanted to share with you all… Remember, he is addressing leadership, business and people in the broad sense, NOT CrossFitters…

Here is where good performance breaks through to great performance: How much you throw yourself into what you do, how much you commit yourself to discipline, how much you push beyond the comfort zone. How much you surrender your soul and your body to the task at hand is the measure of your talent. And these are choices, decisions about who you are and decisions about how you live. And they are choices for continuity — not just an inspired week or month, but a dedicated lifetime. This surely is well beyond mere language and words. But if we talk about training, we start with language and words, so that people can after that make the personal lifestyle and identity choices to be the kind of living person that they describe in the language that they use.

Sound familiar? CrossFit is the physical embodiment of life – and it begins with words and language. Every time we practice “throwing ourselves into what we do, surrendering our soul and body to the task at hand,” we are practicing this “skill” for every aspect of life. Training in CrossFit is training for life. What do you think?

Matty - down for the count after FGB
Matty – all finished with FGB – or is it finished with him?

Today’s Workout
Back Squat 5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1



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