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A) Deadlift
10 min to find 3RM

B) Hang Power Clean
10 min to find days 2RM

C) 4 rounds for reps and time: on the 4
:30 Max rep pullups
:30 rest
:30 Max rep HPC @ 50% of days 2RM
:30 rest
200m run for time (start across the street)
Rest remainder of what is left in the interval


A) Press 3-3-3

B) Back Squat 3-3-3

C) 8 rounds of: 1:1
50 DU’s
2 Presses @ 82.5% of days 3
3 Thrusters (same weight)We have some AWESOME female athletes at CFLA who continually inspire me – both as athletes and simply just human beings. A big bunch went down to the OC over the weekend to compete in the Femme Royal. Rather than try to tell you about it from my perspective, I invited Danette to write her take on the whole thing – since she was there and quite literally in the game. Here it is… in her words:

Last Saturday, fourteen women from CFLA and FFOTB competed as partners in the all-female CrossFit competition, Femme Royale, down in Costa Mesa. About half of us had competed in a CrossFit competition before and half of us had not, including me. A couple of us, including me again, felt we had no business being in a CrossFit competition. But since there was a “Fun” division it was hard to say no. I knew, too, I would regret not sharing the experience with my friends if I had passed it up.

Oh and regret I would have. Saturday was just shy of miraculous. There is something about completely putting yourself on the line with your closest friends – no matter how terrified you feel — that deepens the experience and relationships further than you could have imagined. As adults we don’t like being put in a position where there is a high possibility of failure. The discomfort of fear is enough to keep us from ever taking big risks, but when your teammates make you feel safe enough to fail or knock PRers out of the park, it’s that much easier to go for it in a big way. And that’s exactly what all of us did this weekend.

Special thanks to all who drove down to support us, our men, our children, our friends. It meant so much to feel enveloped by our community. One of my favorite moments of the event, was during the dead lift-burpee WOD. Niki and Lindsey were in the last heat of the day and every time they hopped up from their burpees, Logan had us count for them. This turned into us yelling as loudly as we could: “ONE! TWO! THREE! …” Each round we got louder and it created an energy that only we could generate. The event organizers pointed to us and pumped their fists. Again and again, I’m filled with love and pride to be part of this community and it inspires me to continue to train hard and give all that I can. The Femme Royale was just another spectacular memory reinforcing my gratitude.

Though we didn’t take home any prizes, all our women lifted impressive weight and many of us PR’ed:
Niki Marek 135lb clean and jerk, matching her PR, and a double under PR of 88
Lindsey Mathews 155 C&J, matching her PR
Emily Hacker 150 C&J
Cathy Beach 135 C&J
Lacie Mackey 125 C&J
Lauren Cassidy 145 C&J
Ann Marie Zetelski 165 C&J, a PR
Rachel Mattila 130 C&J, a PR
Cassandra Gesecki 125 C&J, a PR
Raffaela 125 C&J, a PR
Nikki Pounds 105 C&J, a PR
Dizzle Rivera 115 C&J, a PR, and a double under PR of 75
Melissa Wilhelm 65 C&J
Emily Russak 125 C&J, matching her PR

Amazing job, ladies!

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