Learning by watching

Learning by watching

Today’s Workout

Dead-hang Pull-ups – 3 Max Rep Attempts

Rower Sprint Intervals
10 Rounds
60″ sprint, 2 min rest
– record distance traveled each roundMost of you that read our blog have done some training in the Olympic lifts… but have you spent much time watching the masters? Believe it or not, watching videos of their snatches, cleans & jerks will actually be beneficial to your own lifts. Olympic weightlifting is as much about strength as it is about timing, coordination, balance, accuracy, speed, and technique, and watching others helps your mind conceive of exactly what it’s supposed to do, and what the lifts are supposed to look like. After working training Olympic lifts for years, when I watch a video like this, I’m both inspired by and amazed at at what these athletes are capable of doing!

Spend some time with this video below… and if you’ve got a favorite online Olympic weightlifting video, please share it with us by posting a link to it in comments!



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