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A) 3 on the 4:00
8 DL @ 77.5%

B) EMOM 10: Sn. Ba. and DU
O: 2 Snatch Balance AHAP (speed & form priority)
E: :30 Max DU (scale: singles)

C) 2 rounds for quality – Pushup-Burpee/Core drill:
:60 Pushups with form until failure
:60 Max burpees
:60 Max Hollow hold
:60 Max AbMat butterfly situps (chest open at top)
:60 rest


“Med Ball Mania”

5 rounds for time:
20 Wall Ball (20/14)
20 Russian Twist (1-ct)
10 MB Sit to Stand (no anchor)
200 m run with ball

**MUST hold and control MB for the entire 5 rounds of the workout. 5 inverted burpee penalty anytime ball leaves hands except during WB & Slam (yes this includes loss of control on the WB as well)
-20 minute time cap
Hello CFLA, friends, and homies of our blog!

Kenny Kane here – the one responsible for the shift in programming Monday-Friday over the last 8 months. I want to let y’all know about a few additional resources intended to help with your training and development.

First, for the next 3 months I’ll be posting short daily coaching vids (like the one below) on my website for brief, yet specific handles on daily WODS.

Second, as part of the Positivity Project, I’ve started a new podcast: “The Masters Program” – a show dedicated to learning from those who are truly great at what they do. We’ve already recorded live episodes of the podcast at CFLA with Carl Paoli and with my own coach and mentor Mark Divine of SEALFIT. These episodes are OPEN to our community, so please attend these unique opportunities to hear masters of their craft. THIS Wednesday (8/21) at 7pm, we will record another episode with CrossFit Endurance founder – Brian Mackenzie. Those of you interested in endurance sports and all of our triathletes in training should come to this event! (At the end of the show we will have Q&A from our audience so bring yo’self and yo q’s!).

You can check out the inaugural episode of the Master’s Program Podcast with Coach Divine HERE!

Keep your awesome focused,
Coach Kenny



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