Learning to be miserable – a skill to master?

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As most of you know, I was a United States Marine… and I’m also a die-hard CrossFitter. I’ve often wondered if there was a correlation between the two, and, if so, what it was. I read this post today on the crossfit.com message boards, and immediately related… yes, I actually take pride in my ability to be miserable, to suffer and still come out alive and on top. One of the things that you learn quickly as a Marine is how to do more with less, improvise, adapt and overcome, beat the odds… what a valuable skill as a CrossFitter – and valuable skill for life. Many people would benefit from going through USMC boot camp, in fact, I think it should be mandatory. But that is an entirely different blog post…

Hey Gary… nice sit up!

Today’s Workout

Five rounds for time of:
9 Hang squat cleans, (m-155 lbs, w-105 lbs)
400m run
– choose a weight that is heavy, but still allows you to use good form



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