Learning to dance

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Thursday’s Workout (CAP)
A) Hang Power Clean 2-2-2-2-2

5 rounds, for time
10 HPC @ 60-65% of heaviest 2
10 Handstand Pushups
15 Box Jumps (32/24)
-15 min cap

…and coming Friday (NO CAP)
Franklin Hill Sprints
To the top
6 times on the 6 minute markHave you ever had anything go completely different than you planned? I mean haywire. Like you thought things would go one way, happen on one schedule, get one kind of reaction, and it went the opposite — off schedules, unable to do anything about it, having a completely different experience than anyone had planned?

I’ve been dealing with that lately and in spite of the headaches it’s causing I’m finding it’s a really good chance to learn how to dance better. I don’t mean actually dance, I mean respond to a situation the way an dancer with a partner would

Imagine if you were dancing with someone and they did something you didn’t expect. Do you stop? Do you tell them that they can only take the steps you expect them to take when you expect them to take them? You don’t. It’s a part of the experience. It’s actually what makes dancing really fun. You wouldn’t expect predictability from a dance partner, so it would be crazy to expect it from life! Things that you don’t expect happen all the time. And you’d be extremely lucky if things always turned out better than planned. So learn to dance!

Sometimes when you dance you learn a step that you didn’t know before. Sometimes you get better at the ones you already know. Sometimes you make a new one up and walk out with a bigger repertoire than you had before. The key to having fun in the situation is to use the skills and steps you have to stay in the dance and get better, rather than go and sit on the side. Taking the situation on like it’s training for the next situation can create a perspective on it that keeps you learning, solving, creating teams and partnerships, and fighting for victory.

Often the thing is going to do exactly what it is going to do no matter how you feel about it. You can worry, sweat, panic, whatever, and it’s still going to be what it is. If it’s training than you are free to blow it. Not that I’m neutral about winning or losing, but sometimes it’s just gonna happen and it’s really important to me to know that it’s OK. “OK” like it doesn’t mean anything about me, my future, who I am, etc., not “OK” like I don’t prefer winning!

And yes, learning to dance can be exhausting. But I find the more that I enjoy (loosely translated — “actively learn from”) as opposed to resent the lesson, the less I’m flattened by the outcome. I may not like it, but it stands much less of a chance of taking me out.

Has that happened to you? What did you learn about yourself out of it?




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