Leave it at the door


10 rounds for time:
5 Thruster (95/65)
10 Pullups
200m Run


A) Press, Part 1:
10 Air Squat
2 Press @ 75-77.5% of 1RM

B) Press, Part 2:
7 minutes find 3RM

C) Front Squat, Part 1:
4 rds for distance:
:60 Row
:90 2 Front Squat @ 75-77.5% of 1RM

D) Front Squat, Part 2:
7 minutes to find 3 RMSometimes I come to a workout (or anything for that matter) and think “this is going to hard.” And guess what, it’s usually hard. Sometimes I come to a workout with “this is going to be fun.” And guess what, it’s usually fun — even if it is hard.

What does that tell me? It tells me that what I bring with me usually determines how something goes. And while sometimes it’s useful for me to try to bring “fun” into a situation, it doesn’t necessarily work out that way if I’m just piling it on top of knowing deep down that it’s not going to be fun at all. In those cases, it just helps to leave what I DID bring at the door, so that I’m not saying at all what it will be like, good or bad. If I can at least leave “this sucks” at the door and bring NOTHING in, there’s room for something unexpected. It might still suck, but at least I won’t have set it up that way for sure! If my bags are full of “this sucks” there’s no room for souvenirs. I’ll leave with a dirty bag of “this sucked.”

Everyone brings their own bagfuls into tough situations. What do you think you could get by bringing nothing in with you?


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