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I want to acknowledge not only those who participated in the Dress For Success workout on Saturday, but all the people who donated the many bags of such high-quality clothing. The workout group was small, but mighty and turned into a organically wonderful family affair. It was really fun.

But the quality of clothes has been the most impressive thing about the drive. I envision women who are very down on their luck putting on your beautiful clothes and feeling a small thrill of hope — an inkling of confidence where they have one less thing to worry about. The job-hunting process will become a tiny bit easier because of you. You are now part of a stepping stone that could very well change the course someone’s life forever. How good does that feel? It feels amazing to me.

When I think of the CFLA Strongwoman Society here at CFLA, I think of a sisterhood of empowered women who are dedicated to building women up. We don’t tear women down especially ourselves. Most of the time we are trying to simply build up ourselves for our own health and to be examples to our children, spouses, our whole family even; inspiring them to be more healthy and push past what we feel is possible. But sometimes it means a little outreach into our community and extending that strong hand to the any number of people who could use help.

I am incredibly proud when I look at my car filled with the fine garments donated by the CFLA community, and I’ll beam even more when I drop them off downtown this week at the Dress For Success office.


Tuesday’s Workout


Front squats

Weighted chinups

800m Run
1min Rest
50 HR Pushups
1min Rest
1000m Row
1min Rest
200m SB Front carry

And Coming Wednesday
Mental Toughness

Complete as much work as possible until cutoff at undisclosed time
KB Swings (24/20)
KB Cleans
KB Goblet squats
*100m KB Carry



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