Lessons from the Earthquake, Sweet and Practical


4 Rounds for Time (RFT): 40 min cut off
10 Alt Turkish Get-ups (24/16)
20 KB Goblet Squats
30 Alt KB Cleans
50 Sit ups
500 Row
**If athlete sets KB down during goblet squats or RKBs a 10 burpee penalty is assessed at that time.**


A) 4 Rounds for Total Reps – 30:30 Rest
DB Squat Clean (45/25)
Push Ups

B) In 15 Minutes complete
3×3 Front Squats (+ 2 / +5)

C) For Time
500 M Row
– 12 Thrusters (45)
– 6 Toes to Bar
500 M Row
– 9 Thrusters
– 9 Toes to Bar
500 M Row
– 6 Thrusters
– 12 Toes to Bar
500 M Row
**Cap at 15 Minutes**If you are from California, or have spent enough time here, you’ve been through a few earthquakes even before Monday’s nice shaker. After a significant quake, we all start to reminisce — don’t we? — about the other ones that have left an impression. I know for most it’s the Northridge quake, but for me, the most significant one was the Landers earthquake in 1992, a 7.3 out of the Mojave Desert. At the time I lived alone in Korea Town on the third floor of an apartment built in the 1930’s. At five in the morning it shook like a clapboard doll house. I jumped from bed, terrified, and looked toward the downtown skyline. Power lines bowed and snapped off their poles with an explosive spark in the dawning sky as if they had been cracked like a bullwhip. I thought I was going to die. Truly. I laid down in my bed, my heartbeat trampling through my body. Then a 6.3 aftershock came a couple hours later and I became flooded with dread and regret for not doing enough with my life and for not being kinder and filled with compassion for anyone who suffers. It was overwhelming to say the least.

So on Monday morning when I was stirring awake and I heard that god-awful rumbling through the foundation of our building, I found it hard not to panic. My husband bolted to our daughters’ room and I sprinted after him. We then all melded together in the doorway of the hall. We fit like a puzzle and we held on tightly. After the shaking stopped, we didn’t let go. Our pulses hammered away, but I didn’t feel that same dreaded terror of the Landers quake. I was not alone. I was with three other people whose same exact instinct was to hold onto what we all valued the most.

It’s easy to equate an earthquake to a wake-up call or a reminder of what’s important, but in the exact moment of a pending disaster, we often have no other choice. What we love and value or long for flashes right then and there. I’m just so thankful they feel the same.

In the days since – and because my sense of gratitude is on high alert — I have thought how much I value this place, too, a place I consider a second home. Surely if I had been at the gym when the earthquake hit, I would have huddled up with you guys in a door jam, too.

On a practical tip, here are some things to consider in hindsight: Are we prepared enough? Make sure you map out an emergency plan with your family or roommate or for yourself. Do you have an emergency kit? We do, but I looked in it not long ago and so many things were outdated or expired. Here is an AT MINIMUM list of supplies one should have as suggested by the Red Cross. Here’s a company that makes and sells comprehensive emergency survival kits depending on the size of your family. Lastly, know what to do as the earthquake is going on. As tender a moment that my family and I had on Monday, apparently we did everything wrong. The doorway rule hasn’t been true since we lived in adobe houses. Wait, when did we live in adobe houses? Exactly. Here are many tips on what do to when the shaking starts. I’m still not sure I would have done it differently in the heat of the moment.

Stay safe, friends. We love you.

Now, here are the winners from the Philanthropic Throwdown 14.3!

First Place Overall: Boomshakalaka! (Spirit #3, Participation #1, Philanthropy #1, Performance #1)
Second Place: 14.KickAss (Spirit #2, Participation #2, Philanthropy #2, Performance #3)
Tie for Third Place: Chalk, Sweat, Cheers (Spirit #3, Participation #3, Philanthropy #3, Performance #2)
and Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (Spirit #1, Participation #2, Philanthropy #4, Performance #4)

Saturday was SO FUN! This Saturday — 14.4 — will be the last Open weekend event at CFLA so let’s make it a HUGE deal. For every friend you bring to spectate, you and your friend will be entered into a raffle to win a Knot Out roller and a CFLA bag! Remember for 14.5, on March 29th, we’ll take all our spirit to Trojan CrossFit to do the Open there.

CrossFitLA Image

Alyssa earning the top score for CFLA on 14.3. Great job, Alyssa!

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