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Thursday’s Workout (NO CAP)
Choose your PR (2 or 3)

1RM Thruster
Max Reps Push-ups
Max Reps Strict Pull-ups
800m run, for time
Tabata Squats

…and coming Friday (NO CAP)
Double Unders

Rest 5 minutes, then

150 Wall balls, for time (20/14)A week or so ago, I was thinking about an old friend from when I was an undergrad philosophy student at UCLA. I wondered aloud, “I wonder where Ira is these days. I’d love to have another conversation with him.” That was it. Just thought it, meant it, and let it go.

A couple of days later I was going to Peet’s as a part of my morning routine. Peet’s is a place where I usually get my work started. I bring in my computer and start banging away while I’m enjoying my morning cup. As I was getting out of my car I thought, “no, leave your computer and enjoy your coffee.” And I did.

I found the only open seat in the place, sat down, and relaxed. There was a guy sitting next to me reading what looked like student papers. Now I don’t really ever talk to strangers, but I thought, “talk to this guy.”

“Are you a teacher?” I asked. He said that he was and that he taught literature at Cal State Long Beach. He also said that he just finished his degree at UCLA. I asked him if the PhD program was a decade long for literature grad students. When I was a philosophy student there, I told him, I remember those grad students being there for a decade.

He told me yes, and that as a matter of fact, his roommate was just finishing up his philosophy dissertation at UCLA now. “What’s his name?” I asked. “Ira,” he said.

Now a lot of things had to happen to bring me to this moment. I had to have thought of Ira. I had to listen to myself when I chose not to bring my computer in. The only seat in the place had to be next to this guy. I had to listen when I told myself to start talking to a stranger. And I had to engage him in what he was up to. Was this a coincidence?

I wonder just how much we make things harder than they actually are. What if creating an intention and really meaning it, without judgement or evaluation, opens up a place for that thing to show up? What if we work too hard at things? It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been open to all of the parts as they appeared, if I hadn’t been listening for the cues. What if your thoughts are really conversations with the universe? What if the universe actually talks to you and all you have to do is listen? Wouldn’t that be wild?

I once caught a fish THIS big.



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