Let me see your WAR FACE!!

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Most elite athletes have rituals for getting ready for the big game or, in our case, getting ready for the big PR. These rituals may be a favorite meal the night before, or certain time to go to sleep or even listening to specific music to “get psyched” five minutes before we have to start. I know some people who’s ritual is to drive a certain route getting to the gym. Of course no one really understands except for that person and no else should in my opinion. But what about your business? What rituals do you use to be “on” when your clients need you most? If you think this isn’t important think again. If you’ve ever had a service industry person, like say a waiter, bring his problems to your favorite restaurant remember how it affected you because they forgot their “game face” and remember YOU are a service industry person. One of the things that we grade all of our instructors on is CLASS ENERGY LEVEL and we find that the class will follow what the Coach does. Sometimes a gentle reminder helps them put their “game face” on and the energy in the class is directly related… it goes up! Basically this comes down to long and short term motivation. The following videos, although completely different on the surface, do address the same thing… helping put your war face on!

Tell me what rituals do you have to get YOUR war face?



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