Let the YEAR Begin!

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Happy New Year! Ours started strong yesterday – Dawn put about 14 of us to the test with workout that contained 2008 meters of rowing and 2008 reps of other stuff… you’ll see – try it below! It was designed for teams of 3 or 4 and the best finishing time was 32:38.

By the way – for an AMAZING fireworks display, check out my BLOG.

Three Baldies and a Canadian!
Three baldies (Valla, mystery guest, Jeremy) and a Canadian (Mtano).

Today’s Workout
Done by a team of 3 or 4… each component other than the row must be completed prior to starting the next and only 2 people may be working at the same time.
2,008 m row (to be completed over duration of workout at any time)
502 Double Unders
251 Burpees
251 Bicycles
502 Squats
251 Jumping Pull Ups
251 Push Ups



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