Let’s Be Thankful…

Obviously, everybody is going to be giving thanks this week due to the upcoming holiday.  At Diz’s 8am class this morning, she asked everyone to state what they were particular grateful for today.  Great question! 

Since this week we are having fun and breaking down the 7 Simple Movements that we base our work off of, I decided to use that as my answer.

I’m grateful and feel very fortunate to be a healthy man, who can move in all sorts of directions, with my body and/or weight, and to be tested in multiple domains, all of which I can improve upon.  Very cool!

Fitness is a life-long conversation.  My musicianship and songwriting is a life-long conversation.  I’m just happy to be taking steps each day to become more proficient and comfortable with everything I do, and I’m thankful each day for that.

Have fun and enjoy the WOD’s this week, and have a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday’s WOD:

A) For Max Distance
Monkey Bar Cross

B) 3 Rounds
10 front squats (50%)
:30 MB twist throw and catch (L)
:30 MB twist throw and catch (R)

45sec Max KBS
Max effort monkey hang taps

This weekend we are closed for renovations, but join Coach Kenny at Palisades Park, (Ocean and Montana), 9am both Saturday and Sunday for a workout!

And Coming Monday, November 30:

A) Back squat

10 Pushups
20 Situps
300m Run
40 Lateral hops

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