Lets Look at Your Posture?

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Who me? The one slumping over the laptop reading this or better yet, on your cell phone, eyes and head down and spine in a nice curve forward. Sit up. Head up. Take a breath. Pull your shoulders down and back. Lift your chest. Pull in your belly button. Now take a look at your posture? I bet you look better. You probably feel better too. But how long can you hold it? It’s ok if you don’t know that answer, but maybe check in with it more often than not.

Lets just look at a few things on my made up person below.

Hours in the gym:  3-4 hours per week

Hours sitting at your desk: 35-45 hours per week

Hours sitting in the car commuting to and from work: 4-6 hours

Hours sleeping: 45-55 hours week

So, what do you look like when you are doing all of the above?  Are you aware of what your posture looks like? Do you know that how you sleep can affect your posture? We know when you come in the gym it’s about why you’re here (your mind-set) then, how intentionally are you moving. I want to give props to you, yes, YOU.  Most all of you are getting pretty good at it and or learning to be more aware and I applaud you!.

I bring up this postures thing because It’s been coming up a lot lately and it’s getting harder and harder to ignore. I run into many students/clients that through  postural adjustments have made some of their pain go away.  Chronic pain can be caused by bad posture, which might show itself when you are at the gym. Or other repetitive things you are doing in life can cause you pain that could be avoided.

Now, you can work really hard in the gym, but as you can see from above, your training might be 3-4 hours a week (I know some of you train more). But there are A LOT more hours spent doing the other stuff.  I encourage you to take a look at your posture.  Take some time to take some deep breaths, because when you take in deep breaths your body usually expands and opens up. Just the act of breathing can help refocus you and get you sitting or standing upright.  As far as sleeping, look at how many pillows you are using. If your head in cranked up and tilted forward, try lowing you head down or decreasing how many pillows you use. You want to get yourself set with a neutral spine. basically spinal column in line when looking from the side or from the rear too.

Hope this brings a bit more awareness, keep standing tall and breathing.

Thursday’s workout:

3-5 x 3 (~85-90%)

B) 3 RFQT on the 6:00
40sec Max Handstand hold
100m SB Front carry
200m Run
10 Power snatches (60-65%)
–4min Cap–

And coming Friday:
Mental Toughness

30 Squat cleans (95/65)
30 Pullups
800m Run
–45min Cap–



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