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– competition

Franklin Hill Sprints
To the top
6 times on the 6 minute mark

– training

A) Front Squat 5-5-5

B) “Press Complex”
3 rounds, for weight
1 Press
3 Push Press
5 Push Jerk
-Don’t put bar down during the complex
-20 min cap

C) Task vs Time vs Task Priority
1) Task Priority
500m Row, for time
-Rest 3 min, then

2) Time Priority
Row as many meters as possible in the time it took to complete Part 1/Task Priority
-Rest 3 min

3) Task Priority
Row the result of Part 2, for timeYou all have had about three weeks to settle into the new programming. Hopefully by now you’ve actually been experiencing things a significantly different than the way they were prior to this change (would love to hear about that in comments, by the way). ONE of those differences is the shift in context between a competition day and a training day. I mention this because we have a competition day today, with sprints on Franklin Hill; followed by a training day on Monday.

Friday (today) is a day to bring your ‘A’ Game. And what is your A Game? Is it the ONE day you’ve been training and preparing for over the last year? Heck no. It’s your A Game for Friday. It means that when you show up, you might have some pre-WOD jitters, butterflies. It means you KNOW you’re going to be giving it your all today. Not that you don’t on other days… but today is a day to reach deeper inside than “normal” and lay it all on the line. And, quite honestly, with Franklin Hill sprints, it is going to involve quite a bit of mental toughness – do lay it all out there on every one of 6 hill sprints.

On Monday, we have one heck of a training day. Three components that are significant. Getting it all in in 60 minutes will be a challenge. Just getting through the workout at whatever intensity you’re going will be difficult. But on a training day, your context has nothing to do with winning, competing, or beating anyone else. Your goal on a training day is to maintain your form, keep your training within your limits, and learn something new. You might still go hard on a training day, but usually, as in part C below, it is in an interval format so there is built in rest time.

Lets hear your thoughts about how the new programming is working for you… and how you are showing up differently because of the context.

Is this 7am? Wow… BIG crew!



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