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I often draw inspiration from the 9am Women’s Class, especially when it comes to how they approach class. They come consistently — almost like clockwork and often without even knowing what the workout is — because they treat class how most of us should treat it: as a life-enhancer. They come to be with friends, to spend an hour self-caring and away from hectic lives. And they come to build fitness to actually enhance everything else that goes on outside of the gym. 9am is a fun and thoughtful hour, and though they are stoked when they PR lifts and workouts, this isn’t the┬ápriority. There’s no timeline for improvement; they stay in the moment, enjoying it, then they see and feel the benefits in action in their lives as parents, professionals, spouses, adventurers, lovers of life. Everything mentioned above comes first, actual gym PRs fall behind that.

It’s a good reminder to the rest of us, me included. When I get frustrated about what class should be and how I should be improving, or what I should be lifting, I take a deep breath and remember that everything in here is simply designed to enhance my life. Whether to relieve stress, build strength or maintain it, goof off in class with my friends, get my butt kicked in the best of ways or simply take an hour for myself, it’s all good. And over the past 6 years, I can truly say that my life is so much better for being here and being as consistent as I have been. I have changed physically and mentally in so many ways even though my PRs haven’t changed much in the last few years.

The motto Fit to be Useful has made a huge impact on me lately as well. Enhancing life also means to improve functionality not just in the world, but in our own worlds specifically. You are a valuable and important component to your family, to your job, to your social groups. And maybe you haven’t looked at it this way, but they rely on your functionality. They need you to be healthy and happy. You need you to be healthy and happy. Something to think about if you ever find yourself believing that class and our gym are anything less than a life enhancer.

Tuesday’s Workout

10 Lateral up and overs
10 Unbroken bal. pivot reverses
10 Kipping ring dips
–1min Rest between rounds–

Wednesday’s Workout

Bike for cal*
Deadlifts (225/155)
–6min Cap–

*15-12-9 cal for women




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