Life Is a Juggle, Life is a Dance

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A) Power Clean (AHAP) and Max Hand Release Pushup (Reps)
EMOM 12:
even min: 2 Power Cleans (drop and regrip okay).
odd minutes: :30 max Hand Release Pushups (rest :30)

B) 5 rounds for time:
Row Run Drill:
250 row
200m run
rest exactly 1 min after each round


OPEN WOD #2Life is a juggle. Life is a dance. It’s not a loop. It’s not a set path to follow. We can walk it like it’s built that way, but we’ll always be struggling to make it conform. Life is what comes at us in the moment and it’s shape is ever-changing, ever-evolving, as are you. The only constant is you and the best currencies you have are health and love. Your career, your house, your circumstance – all of these things can change at any moment. The best you can offer those dear to you are your health and your love. These are the investments worth making, the things worth sustaining in the never-ending juggle, the never-ending dance. Are you dancing to avoid what’s coming at you or are you responding and creating with the partner that is life?

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