Living in a post-challenge world

Today’s Workout (CAP)
1mile run then
4 rounds:
15 Pull ups
30 Kettle bells swings (24/16)
60 Double unders

…and coming Friday (CAP)
5 Rope climbs
Deadlifts (225/155)
Box Jumps (28/24)The Whole Life Challenge has been over for a couple of months, and some of you “graduates” may be wondering if you’re “doing it right” — living your life in line with what you learned during those 8 weeks. There are certainly post-challenge food strategies I could share, good strategies, but all of you are pretty good at strategies.

Here’s the thing, if you’re in the inquiry you’re doing it. It’s not always going to be easy. Some days (or even weeks) may go south, but that’s life. You get back on the horse. There is actually only going to be one time in life when you call “time” for the very last time. Every moment until then is a new opportunity to be fully who you say you want to be. Get it? Really? Do you GET it? You are now fully trained, the question now is are you willing to use your training? Will you stay aware of how your choices impact your commitments?

I had an experience of my own last weekend that may help. I was in Austin for my brother’s graduation. It was Saturday morning and I hadn’t worked out since the previous Sunday. I knew that the hotel had a gym and my knee-jerk thought was “I have to work out.” And in that moment it really hit me. “No I don’t.” I actually don’t have to. You may not realize the significance of this until it really hits you. There is a huge shift in power with that realization. I could do it or not and be perfectly happy and healthy. I am a human committed to many things. Health and fitness, my family, rest well earned (especially while on vacation), great food and wine, prosperity, other people’s well being, etc. When one dominates my life, the others tend to dry up. When you put in the work that y’all have (yeah, I got that in Austin), you have freedom! Sometimes my life just don’t look like getting in a workout 5 times a week and I am 100% content with that. I knew that it would all work out and guess what — I had Texas BBQ and beer and I’m still here. I could have worked out too, but I didn’t. Mamase mamasa mamakusa. The bummer comes when I lose the awareness of all of my commitments.

This may not be the recommendations that some of you want. “Just tell me what to do!” I’m not the guy who will say “eat this and not that.” I’ll tell you what those thing will do to you, but I want, more than anything, for you to live! Live a life of no struggle, packed edge to edge with things that empower and excite you. Can you simply be happy or are you waiting until you have permission from the mirror or the scale? You need NO ONE’S permission (not even your own!) to live your life exactly like you want to. It may not be as clear as “eat paleo 80% of the time,” but try and see where it gets you anyway.


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