Looking at the numbers

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Today’s Workout (NO CAP)
Overhead Squat
Find 15 rep max
– Gold standard is BODY WEIGHT!

…and coming Friday (CAP)
6 Deadhang Pull-ups
OH Walking Lunges, across and back (45/25)
6 Reverse Burpees
OH Walking Lunges, across and back (45/25)
6 Push-ups
OH Walking Lunges, across and back (45/25)Some numbers I love. I will geek out for hours over mathematically trying to quantify workouts or movements. Some numbers I can’t stand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of money, but I’m the kind of guy who used to not want to open his bank statement because I just didn’t want to know. Guess what that led to — a situation I definitely didn’t want to know about. Then I was gifted a book called The Soul of Money by a good friend of mine. It was a total re-evaluation of my relationship not only with money but with why I was the way I was about money. Said simply, it was all a question of “enough,” or what the book calls “sufficiency.”

What did I have to do to have the experience of enough? I couldn’t necessarily just make more money appear (maybe even that is another conversation), but maybe simply being willing to look at the numbers might be a start. So I did. And guess what I found out. Things weren’t nearly as dire as I had imagined. What was once “too little” was now “plenty.” I had created a situation of insufficiency in my head that wasn’t actually there. With just about the exact same amount of money and a shift in “being” I now have enough to take a vacation every year, several great weekend getaways, at least one really nice big night out each month, paying off some embarrassingly large debt in a couple of years rather than something like 13 at the minimum payments, putting some away into an operating savings account, and saving enough to move! This all came from altering the experience and not the amount of money.

Why does my personal financial situation matter? For two reasons. One is because numbers are that important. If you can see it, you can measure it. If you can measure it you can move it. Your money, your health, your relationships, your career, whatever. Statistics are the key to real, measurable results. The second, and more important in my opinion, is that you may find that just being willing to change the experience will completely alter what you have. You may think that one day when you HAVE something (like money, time, a fulfilling job, etc), you will DO something (like save, take a vacation, whatever), and then BE something (HAPPY!). What if it simply worked the other way around? EXPERIENCE first (BE HAPPY!), then DO what a happy person does and then HAVE the life a happy person has. Could it be that simple?




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