Looking Back… and Forward

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Today (and this weekend) marks the end of an era for CFLA. Back in 2004 when we first opened the “clubhouse,” I could never have imagined the growth of both our program and our community. Then at 15 people, I was unsure of many things, including the impact of new members on our small, tight-knit family. Two years later when we had 55 students, again, I was unsure about the impact of growth on our community – if we grew by two or three times, would we still have the same feel? Now, at 250 members, still having an incredibly strong and supportive community, and on the eve of our LAST workout at 1453 14th St., I’m asking myself the same question – “How will it feel in a new, much larger space, and what will the impact be on our community?” Though I don’t actually know the answer, I have confidence and faith in our system, our instructors and in all of you, our extended family and community. I know that together, we will re-create all that we have now, and more. Will it be different? Yes. And will it be the same? Yes too! Change is the only thing constant in life – I’m embracing it, and looking forward to the future of CFLA in Santa Monica at 3201 Santa Monica Blvd! See you there on Tuesday!

Jonesy, “pants” Mike, Ben, Eddie, Jeremy, Mike, Naz, and Andrea all pose for a class picture with PK. This was his last workout at CFLA since he’s moving to Austin, TX. Best of luck, PK – it’s been great having you with us for the past couple years – we wish you all the best!

Today’s Workout

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
20 squats
15 bicycles (4 count)
10 push ups
200m run



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