Looking Back.  Looking Forward.

Today’s Workout
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds for time of:
Power cleans (135/95)
Air SquatsNEXT WEEK is the start of the 4th Quarter… and we’re going to start something new at CFLA called the Quarterly Review. Every class will start with a 20 minute written exercise during which you will get a chance to take a look at what you’ve accomplished over the previous quarter, and what you want to focus on for the upcoming quarter. Don’t worry… there will still be time for a workout, in fact, you’ll get a chance to do 5 of the most notorious CrossFit Girls each day next week!

BE PREPARED. You know those workout log books that we’re always referring to in class… the ones where you’re supposed to be recording the results of your workout, how you felt, what sort of progress you’re making? Bring them with you to class next week… they will come in handy. And if you haven’t started one yet, now is a great time to start (here are some ideas)!

SHOW UP. This is a really important process for your training – one that usually gets overlooked by adult athletes not working out with a team or training for an event. It gets overlooked because it’s so easy to blow off… who wouldn’t rather work out than spend 20 minutes reflecting and planning? But talk about empowering. So show up… come prepared… then be ready to kick some boo-tay in a WOD!

Monica’s workin’ her overhead squat.

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