For the Love of Simplicity

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canoeWe stood on the deck — wood-planked and narrow —  with curved paddles in our hands. Big River disappeared through pine-covered hills to the right. It flowed and merged with the Pacific to the left. The marine layer hung low, just above our heads it seemed, but we were excited to try something new. I was a little scared to get on the water to be honest. I’d never been on a boat that small before. We pushed away from the dock and for a second I felt unsecure suspension, a sensation of floating. When everything fell quiet except the sounds of the very faint crashing of waves behind us and an intimate envelopment of water around our oars when we stroked in unison, I lost my breath. The soft white sky, the different hues of green from the glass water to the textured earth —  I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember if anything had bothered me before that moment. It didn’t matter. I felt sorry for all of us who have spent too much time with our faces in our phones, in the newspapers, in the complication of our thoughts — for all of us too stressed about anything because lord have mercy, the world is simple and spectacular and perfect beyond our fractured perceptions of self-importance.

solariumI had a similar experience the next day after I opened the solarium where the salt-water pool was located at our hotel in Mendocino. The place was deserted, which seemed a shame. I flopped into the pool like it was a comfortable bed, and I swam laps. Then I swerved all over the lanes. Then I dove down and skimmed off the bottom. Then I just jumped up and down, penciling my body through the water. I tested my floating skills in the salt water and while I drifted around I looked at the apex of the greenhouse ceiling and wondered what was better. I thought about the things I wanted in my life, and exactly what I felt in the moment was what I wanted: Love, freedom to be myself, to trust my instincts to trust the universe, and the full-body appreciation of simplicity.

I’m worried I’ll forget all this next week when I’m back to worrying about bringing you the best experience at the gym. I can only hope that this vacation continues to remind me that simplicity – from intention of application – can be so profoundly perfect.

I miss you guys. See you Monday.


Friday’s Workout

6 Alt Pistols
12 C2B Pull-ups
18 Wallball @ 10’ (20/14)

And Coming Monday
WOD’s With Names Week – 1


5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats




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