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In the women’s bathroom at the gym, there is an Insight magazine on the cabinet just in front of the toilet. Every time I sit down, I look at Jennifer Lopez swooshing her hair around in a pout with the caption: “Love Your Body.” My reaction every time is a snide: “Yea, ok, Jennifer.”

The fact is that I love JLo,– and I love my body. But what rubs me wrong is this canned advice that seems slapped on solely to sell something while riding on this “new trend” of women having more confidence. It feels fake. And mostly it feels like it comes with conditions. Like when Girl Power became a thing and it was exploited as a marketing campaign without too much real empowerment behind the slogans. I feel the same about the now glossy popularity of “Love Your Body.”

Of course I agree with the words 1000%, but to magazines like Insight, loving my body still only has to do with how it looks. Love Your Body while we still photo shop the shit out of a fairly-flawless Jennifer Lopez. Love Your Body after you follow all these beauty tips and engage in these bullshit cleanses to lose those “last 10.” I never knew I had another 5 or 10 until the magazines insisted that I did.

I love my body in my off season and on. I love it when it’s on the softer side and when it’s on the harder side. But a multi-dimensional love is not just about looking in the mirror and admiring how our bodies looks. A real love is so much more than that.

I love how capable my body feels. I love that my body can do so much when I need it to. I love how my nutrition and the amount of training I do contributes to not just a higher level of fitness, but also lowers the chances of disease and sickness. I love that my body has responded so well to what I put it through. My body is tough as shit. And I love that. Oh, and it looks pretty damn good, too. But that’s a fraction of the love.

Understanding that loving one’s body is multi-leveled means that on the days when I don’t feel so strong – for any number of reasons – or the days that I feel bloated and blah, or the rare days I get a cold, or feel way too tight in my shoulders means that all the other levels are keeping that love afloat. If it was only about some ripped abs, I’d have a real love flow problem.


Friday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

800m Run
800m Row
200m Sandbag front carry (100/70)
–40min cap–
–See 11/19/14–

Saturday’s Workout

100 Thrusters (95/65)
Emom 5 burpees
25 min cap

Sunday’s Workout

EMOM 24 :30 :30
min 1: Pull ups
min 2: Russian twists
min 3: Alt KB cleans
min 4: Lateral box jumps

Monday’s Workout

“Franklin Hill 1,2,3”

3 rounds for total overall time:
Short (50m) – from 1st to 2nd light (right)
Medium (100m) – from 1st to 3rd light (left)
Long (150M) – from 1st to 4th light (right)
**All intervals start on the 3:00**




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