Lunch Hour – The Movie

Tuesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
60 sec Handstand Hold
30 Squats
300m Run

… and coming Wednesday (NO CAP)
Overhead Squats 5-5-5-5-5
5 rounds:
30 Mountain climbers
20 Bicycles
10 Jumping Lunges
When I first watched Jamie Oliver battling to change school lunch programs a couple years ago, I was absolutely shocked at what I saw. The lack of nutrition, the level of indifference, the incredibly poor food choices parents make for their kids, and the “food” kids were getting fed at school was so bad that at times it made me sick. Kids all over this country are being taught that food doesn’t matter, that choices don’t make a difference, that fast food and junk food is OK. And who is teaching them? All the adults and parents who make poor choices themselves, who don’t take the time to shop for vegetables, who don’t cook dinner at home, and who send their kids to school with lunches filled with sugar and processed foods. They’re also being taught that it doesn’t matter from the school lunch programs, who’s food quality, prep, and presentation is appalling.

Jamie was at the start of a revolution, and people like CFLA’s Todd Spradlin are helping to build the momentum. Todd produced a documentary called “Lunch Hour” which just won the Impact Award at the Awareness Film Festival in LA. Below is the trailer. Please share this with your friends and family, especially if they have kids. If you’re a CrossFit Affiliate owner, please share this with your community. Spread the word on Facebook, like Lunch Hour’s Facebook Page. Building awareness, then creating action. Come on people, we can do it!

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