Make a Difference, Today

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A) 5 rounds, for Quality
10 TTB
10 Jump Squats
B) 3 sets on the 4:00
1 BS @ 95%+
C) For Time:
250 Row
200 Run
500 Row
400 Run
250 Row
200 Run


4 rounds, for Time
200m run
10 DB Thruster 55/40
10 DB PP 55/40
100 DUs
What does it mean to ‘make a difference’? I was wondering this after hearing about Phil Knight’s pledge to donate $500 million to cancer research to the University of Oregon. What? $500 million? Does the little bit I donate and raise for Crush Cancer even make a difference? Hearing that makes me just want to say, “Why bother?”

Well… after further consideration… and thinking about it from a much bigger perspective… making a difference really has nothing to do with fundraising. Don’t get me wrong, Crush Cancer, our upcoming fundraiser for cancer research will make a difference by raising money. And, by the way, we’d love to have you join us by clicking that link and registering!

But for me, making a difference has to do mostly with sharing my gifts with the world, being my word, being kind, loving and compassionate with myself, all in a way that touches, moves, inspires others to do the same. The currency could be anything (time, creativity, spirit, love, compassion, support, teamwork, coaching, fun, money) and it could happen anywhere, at any time, in any amount. In fact, when I think about it, making a difference is something that takes practice… and the more frequently and consistently I practice, the better I get… and the more of a difference I make just by being me. And it definitely doesn’t have to be some big, huge, grandiose event or amount.

When you sit back and take a look at your life each day – are you doing something that brings you or the world joy… that makes a difference for you, someone else, or the rest of the world? If not, why not? Today’s as good a day as any to get started!

#CrushCancerSaturdays continue. Great energy - great classes today. #crushcancer #workingtogether for a #biggercause #crossfit



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