Make it a Habit!

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How much of your health and fitness depends on what you do? Does it really matter? There are a TON of diet books and fitness programs out there, and every single one of them is filled with success stories and testimonials of people who have had great results. Well, if they all work, then how do you choose which one to follow, and does it really matter which one?

Since you do need to make a choice, I suggest you use the following 3 criteria: Is it fun? Is it convenient? Will I actually do it? Of the 3 criteria, the last one is the MOST important. The program or system you choose will ultimately be the one you actually do – so make sure its one that really floats you boat and excites you!

Your health and fitness is MOST dependent on you making it a habit.

Try this: Go for a 21 minute run. Every 3 minutes, pick a different exercise to do 10-20 reps of from the following list: push ups, sit ups, flutter kicks, burpees, squats, walking lunges, tuck jumps, bicycles, star jumps, bird pickers, pull ups, dead bugs.



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