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Kristie has been CrossFitting with us for about 10 months now and she just completed her first workout with pull-ups (“Cindy”) using NO assistance from rubber bands! Congratulations, Kristie! Now, if we can only get her to properly trim her calluses! grin Speaking of progress – are you tracking yours? Have you updated (or created) your PR (personal record) page in our discussion forum? Are you keeping track of your best times in your workout journal? NOT doing this is equivalent to your doctor NOT keeping a medical record for you… crazy, right?


Today’s Workout

Run 5k

Click Here to see a map of the course we’re running.
– And if you’re thinking to yourself, “Eeh, I can do this on my own,” you’re probably right. But it’s DIFFERENT when you do it here… at home, it won’t be as intense, you won’t be as focused, nor will you have a group to hold you accountable to doing your best. So get over yourself, and get in here to run today with your fellow CrossFitters!



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