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Monday’s Workout (NO CAP)
In 20 minutes:
Deadlift 3-3-3
– work up to three heavy sets
10 Push Ups
10 Hollow Rocks

… and coming Tuesday (NO CAP)
10 Rounds
30″ ring support hold (w/ turnout)
15″ rest
30″ Handstand Hold
15″ rest
30″ Lateral Bridge Hold (left)
15″ rest
30″ Lateral Bridge Hold (right)
15″ rest Can you:
Dribble the length of a court and score while defended?
Nail a 3 pointer in a game?
Score a goal off of a corner kick?
Play an instrument on stage?
Type 60 words per minute?
Draw a likeness of your best friend in a sketch?
Hit a breaking receiver for a touchdown?
Ride a mountain bike on singletrack?
Surf an overhead wave?
Fold 20 different paper airplanes?
Score in the top 1,000 scores of Angry Birds?
Drive a Forumla car in a race?
Shoot a round of golf in 5 over par?
Bowl five strikes in a game?
Paint a painting for display in a gallery?
Throw a frisbee 50 yards with accuracy, consistently?
Write a screenplay?
Have a photograph published in a magazine?

Would mastering any one of these depend on from what skill level you started and how many hours you were willing to put in to doing it every week? Given your current life and that you’re probably not doing it now, how long do you think it would take you to master any one of these? 6 months? A year? More?

Do you have a different expectation for mastering your health and fitness? Do you get frustrated when you don’t hit meet your goals in a month? Do you quit after 6 months (or less)? Do you practice every day as if it were a skill you wanted to master?

If you were to practice mastery around your health and fitness, what are the skills that would be on your list? How long will you give yourself?

Stephanie gets through 9 minutes of WOD during the WLC Prelims



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