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I seem to be on a roll this week in regard to talking about food, diet, nutrition, etc, so I thought I’d continue the trend. I was surfing the web and came across this site – At first, it just seemed like another cooking website… but then I realized what they were doing – it’s actually CrossFit of cooking dinner. Every day they post a MOD (that’s what I’m calling it – “Meal of the Day”). The include a complete menu, shopping list and game plan – and claim that ALL of their MODs can be prepared and cooked in under an hour. The only part they seem to be missing is the community of people that are following along – they don’t have anywhere to leave a comment. If it were me, I’d add a line at the end of each day’s entry “post your results to comments.”

I think it’s a really cool and useful website… what do you think?

Oh – and by the way, if you haven’t checked out our own Sweet Cheeks Food Blog, you should take a few minutes to peruse…

Anthony and Cody – dumbbells never felt this heavy

Today’s Workout

“Cardio Gone Bad”
Complete three, 5-minute rounds, spending one minute at each movement in each round. Take a one minute rest between rounds. Score is total reps.
Row (cal)
Box Jumps (24”)
Double Unders
10m Suicide Run (1 point for every 10 m)



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