Meat or Beans – Which came first?

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Rodney and I were talking the other day about the historical beginnings of our food sources as human beings. When did we first start eating meat? What about alternative protein sources like beans? Which came first and should we really be eating meat based on our paleolithic ancestors and what they ate? Well, I stumbled across “What Was Our First Protein Source?” – a great discussion of this exact topic – and right or not, I’m happy, personally, that their conclusion is to EAT MEAT! Don’t know what I’d do without it!

Ben & Jeremy: Anti-gravity!

Today’s Workout

Run 1 mile
5 Deadlifts – 285 lbs men; 195 lbs women
Run 1,200m
10 Deadlifts – 265 lbs; 175 lbs women
Run 800m
15 Deadlifts – 245 lbs men; 155 lbs women
Run 400m
20 Deadlifts – 225 lbs men; 135 lbs women



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