Meditation In Discipline

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A) 3×5 FS (+2-5)

B) Jerk – 10 min
Heavy double

C) 3 rounds on the 4:00 (each for time)
200m Run
10 Ring Pull ups / Strict C2B Pull ups
20 Squats
10 Strict Ring dips / 20sec support on rings


A) 5 RFQ on the 2:00
5 Burpees
4 Hang Squat Snatch (50-60%)
4 Snatch Balance

B) 4 RFQ :20:10
Arch Rocks
Hollow Rocks

C) 4 Rounds (total), each for time the 6:00
250m Row
10 DB Squat Cleans (45/25)
20 Push ups
**each round is capped at 3:00
The usual association with discipline leans towards negative. Maybe not definitively negative, but certainly it can feel chore-like. Or there is a notion that fun evaporates in the presence of discipline. Is discipline just a practice to suffer through to get to the good stuff? There is also a shameful connotation if we don’t practice a type of discipline that resembles an unbendable, joyless routine.

But I think we’re looking at the art of discipline all wrong.

Every wise person declares that the journey is as important as the end result – if not more important. We love that idea, don’t we? We’ll preach those words to the hill tops, but we easily forget that enjoying the journey means enjoying the process, which includes the actual work, hard work even. How can we enjoy the work if the discipline it takes to work consistently feels like punishment? The love of the journey will then be short-lived based only in the romanticism of the words, and the dream of the end result. This will keep even the progress toward an end result elusive.

I look at discipline as a means to freedom. Does that sound counter-intuitive? Buckling down to feel freedom? But when I am disciplined, I feel like I have purpose; I have meaning – I am in control of my life by my own perimeters. I am in charge of my actions. I feel honorable, humbled, and within my self-defined purpose, I feel alive. The feelings of depravity within discipline is only a shell of ego and temporary desire. It clouds a truer version of self. At the root of discipline lies a pure motivation and within that, discipline becomes almost easy, far from a chore.

Within my physical practice/training, experimenting with discipline has been a challenge unto itself that has made me better. And now with the Whole Life Challenge, discipline and conscientiousness has become a game – almost fun. The more I consider my thoughtful practice a form of freedom – even the hard work — the more I benefit, the better I feel, and the more I truly enjoy the journey.

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Chip and his hollow. It takes discipline to stay attentive to form during practice days.



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