Meet Danny!

Today’s Workout
In 3 minutes complete the following:
200m run
Max reps of Thrusters (135/95)
– 2-minute rest
In 6 minutes complete the following:
400m run
Max reps of Thrusters (95/65)
– 2-minute rest
In 9-minutes, complete the following,:
800m run
Max reps of Thrusters (65/45)

– Score for this workout is the total number of thrusters in each round.We’re producing a series of videos about the athletes that are in the CFLA Instructor Training Program… first up – Danny Lesslie!

A little about our Program… Every week on Saturday mornings at 7am, our eight instructor trainees put their knowledge and skills to the test publicly, in front of our coaching staff, to present a workout of their design, demonstrate their ability to teach movements and skills, and test their ability to communicate their depth of knowledge in physiology, biomechanics and functional anatomy. Additionally, every week, each of these candidates assists teaching a class – to gain real-life practice in front of real life people. Believe me, we put them through the ringer – so that when they get up in front of class to teach for the first time on their own, they are thoroughly prepared!

Although each of these guys/gals is unique and different, they all share one common trait – the incredibly strong desire to help others change their lives as they all have changed theirs! Watch Danny’s video – bet you’d never have guessed that at one point in his life he couldn’t even do ONE pull up!

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