Memorial Day, 2008

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As CrossFitters around the country get together today for the Trevor WinE Memorial Fundraiser & Challenge, let us keep present in our minds the men and women who have served our country to protect and defend the freedom in which we live, that which many others take for granted. This day is a day to honor them – to say, ‘Thank You,” to remember those who have fallen, to give support to those currently in harms way. As a former Marine, the video below is especially motivating.

For the story about the making of this commercial, go to “We traveled to 10 different states and 15 locations across the U.S. to create the “America’s Marines” commercial. In the process, we captured so much incredible footage, we made the extended version featured here.” Thanks to Justin, an avid CrossFitter from Atlanta and the creator of the commercial for turning me on to this website!

Today’s Workout
With a team of 4 people, complete for time:
300 Pull-ups
400 Push-ups
500 Sit-ups
600 Squats
– only 2 people may be going at the same time
– you must complete the list in order



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