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If I had it my way, everyday would be a practice day. I love the idea of practicing to make it look good and feel good. Knowing that if I mess up it’s ok, I can just do it again. I also like the idea of playing around with something new or something old, it’s just fun.  Not to say I don’t enjoy testing myself, it is fun to learn the limits, but more so than not I like to be challenged by moving with virtuosity rather than giving 110 percent.  Great thing is we do it all here, practice, mental toughness and competition.

Today’s workout is a mental toughness workout. So, what does that really mean? To me it means continuing on when you don’t really want to or think you can. Being strong for yourself and or the team around you. Pushing past what you think your limits might be. Often when I do an intro and I talk about our programming, specifically the mental toughness days.  I say they are like running a marathon.  The workouts aren’t always long but  they tend to be simpler movements that will mess with your mind. Your mind might want to tell your body to stop, but you truly can finish it.

I’ve only run one marathon and it was mentally tough for sure. I remember starting out and feeling pretty good. At the halfway point I realized that I wasn’t on pace for the time I wanted to finish so I had to step up the pace and get going.  It wasn’t until about mile 20 that I really started to question what I was doing and felt like stopping. It could have been the terrain or the fact that my longest run before this was 15 miles or it could just be that I was at mile 20 of 26, regardless this is when it started to hit me.  At around mile 22 I was getting closer to home and coming into Brentwood where I knew I would see people I know. That in itself fueled me to keep going. Of course I didn’t want to be walking in front of people that knew I was “running a marathon”. So, I kept running. The last few miles were quite a test as I started to cramp up, but knew I was so close to the end and all I had to do was finish. And, like mile 22 I would see more of my friends and supporters along the course and I wanted to continue  to “look strong”. And I did, I ran it all. I may have been able to run it all by myself, in fact I probably could have, not wanting to but could have.  On that day I used the energy from the other runners and knowing that I had support out on the course it kept me going.   I encourage you to remember the class around you today during your workout. Feed off their energy and stay mentally strong.


Thursday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

“Route 66”
DB Goblet reverse alt. lunges
Crab toe touches
DB Scottish getups
–Inspired by DBWOD–

And Coming Friday

A) Air Squat Spectacular
Focus on hip/heel loading

B) For quality load, working up across sets
Overhead squats

2 Push presses (90% of 1RM press)
3 Jerks
5 Strict pullups
10 Butterfly Abmat situps




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