Mental Quickness

Today’s Workout
Complete three rounds:
As many reps as possible in 6 minutes of:
3 Burpees
6 Sit-ups
9 Squats
– Rest 2-minutes between rounds.
– Start the next round exactly where you left off in your previous round.
Should physical training be limited to just your body? What about your mind? Remember my post from a couple weeks ago about CrossFit Math? In athletics, we work a lot with neurological improvements… decreasing the speed at which sensory neurons sense things (touch, proprioception, balance, etc), send a signal to your brain, which sends a signal to motor nerves which tell muscles to move. This improves reaction time and helps you learn to do complex movements quickly and sequentially (like the snatch). But what if there were a way to work on this outside of the gym, where you could specifically work on things like speed, mental acuity, memory, attention, etc.

Well, there is… and it’s a website called I’ve been a member now for about three months and have consistently improved my scores on all my tests since then. I spend very little time on it, yet feel it is helping to keep me fresh and on top of my game. If you’ve been and have gone through enough of it to get your Brain Profile, post it in comments. My profile is below:

Overall 899
Speed 746
Memory 955
Attention 843
Flexibility 852
Problem Solving 1102

P1700262 P1700266
Pete & Alyssa get OVER the bar – their FIRST Bar Muscle Ups!

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